Canine Corrections -

Why let your dog spend your vacation in a cage? Let your time away be enjoyable for you both with our boarding service.

Canine Corrections Boarding knows one primary rule to happy and healthy dogs: Exercise.

When leaving your dogs to be boarded with us, you can know that they will get exercise tailored to their personalities and energy levels. This includes walks, jogs, and play-time.
Why let your dog spend all day and night in a kennel, when you could board them in the comfort of a home? With Canine Corrections Boarding, dog beds, crates, blankets, or any sort of sleeping arrangement that work for your dog will be used. All dogs are treated with individual care to meet their individual needs.

Whether boarding for one night, or one month, Canine Corrections can accomodate your large or small breed dog. Need more information or want to make an appointment? Contact Us.